We have an amazing large space of around 240 square meters, where we exhibit various art ideas, from Scottish interior art to original artwork by Estonian artists. Our spacious gallery extends its hospitality to varied art and cultural projects – we organise temporary exhibitions and various art, music and cultural evening!

Art Cafe

In our art cafe you can take the time to enjoy the art around you. We are working with local bakery and roastery to offer our visitors high-quality magnificent products that are made by local small businesses. Our staff are well-versed in art, serving coffee and greeting you with a smile! Come say hi!

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Rozanne Bell​

Rozanne Bell is the epitome of fun. She is a flamboyant gregarious character with a unique creative imagination that knows no bounds. Rozanne has a sunny disposition, full of originality and wit. She is an exciting and entertaining person; full of energy and vibrancy and her art mirrors all these qualities. Rozanne has five children and her artwork is embroidered into the heart of her family life.

Kim Curson​

“Art for me comes from the soul and is about the simplicity of life. I believe it is often the small things that bring the greatest pleasure and not the so called ‘big things’ and I try to convey this in the images I paint.
Being a mother has put me back in touch with the child in me and much of the childlike innocence and naivety in my paintings stem from this.

Eliza Jane Speight

Scottish born artist Eliza Jane left her home for England to attend art school in the early 90’s. After graduating, the travel bug took over, with Eliza financing her travels throughout Europe by selling her art. Coming from a family of forestry workers, she always had a fascination for trees, their shape, colours and the mythology of the woodland landscapes in particular. As a child she could often be found sketching amongst the trees, something she still enjoys today. Now established back in the UK, Eliza Jane has settled her roots firmly in a small town within the New Forest, where she lives with her family.