28/05/2020 Tiiu Lausmaa “Tenuous Narratives”

Tiiu Lausmaa “Tenuous Narratives”

“Tenuous Narratives” exhibits Tiiu Lausmaa’s most recent artwork, which examines the connections between narrative thinking and images.

The drawings exhibited at the exhibition interpret media images that in an era of post-truth where information is mostly spreads in fragments and that may be overthrown at the next moment. The viewer is left with loosely related pieces of stories that don’t really fit together and are coming apart at the seams.

Stories and storytelling is an integral part of the human consciousness and it is a way to forge understanding and identity. As the internal storyline becomes increasingly questionable and tenuous, a sense of confusion and isolation ensues. The artwork asks Is there are story to be told or not? And is there a way to balance between telling and not telling a story, between believing and not believing? 

The artist is convinced that story-telling is vital in order to properly communicate and function in society. Tiiu Lausmaa’s drawings tell the artist’s own narrative and communicates with the viewer through colours, fragments and lines. In order to leave necessary flexibility for the viewer to interpret the work, she tries to leave empty space to allow the images to interact with each other in new and unexpected ways. 

Tiiu Lausmaa has a graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in painting. Since then, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions at Vent Space gallery, Draakon gallery and The Museum of New Art among others.

Exhibition is open: 25.05.2020 – 21.06.2020
Exhibition opening 3.06.2020 at 6.00pm

Gallery is open:
May Mon-Sat 10-5pm
June Mon-Sun 10-8pm

At the exhibition opening we ask our visitors to observe the 2+2 rule, to wash their hands and to use disinfectant.

Tiiu Lausmaa artist talk

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