Theatrically Unworldly Reality / Teatraalselt ebamaine reaalsus

Theatrically Unworldly Reality / Teatraalselt ebamaine reaalsus

Henrik Hürden
Opening 5 June 2019 at 6pm

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday 5 June 2019 at 6pm Henrik Hürden solo exhibition “Theatrically Unwordly Reality” opens at Staapli 3 Art Gallery.

Henrik’s artwork is inspired by technical and mechanical objects and details, mythical stories and nature. The hidden (or sometimes even stolen) moments of Hendrik’s paintings reflect on various everyday life topics. Scenes or memories of objects from real life have been staged with bold and dynamic tones. They urge the viewer to notice the ephemeral nature of a moment and direct attention to detail. 

His paintings theatrically convey a mystical or unwordly atmosphere, frozen or stored moments. Just like at the end of a play the audience gets a better view of the experience, each title of Henrik’s paintings offer a new perspective, a larger picture- the details he has emphasized are always part of a bigger, and often subjective, viewpoint.

Henrik has graduated with a degree in scenography at the Estonian Academy of Arts and has participated in group exhibitions at Telliskivi Creative City, Ministry of Rural Affairs and at Nautica Shopping Centre Cocodrillo Pizzeria.

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