• The Gallery allows the Customer to use the Gallery space on the basis of the Offer and at the time indicated in the Offer.

  • By paying the invoice, the Customer confirms that he has read the Gallery rental terms and conditions and uses the Gallery premises purposefully and prudently.

  • The Customer bears full material liability for the damage caused to the Gallery during the Event in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.


  • Receiving an offer does not mean confirmation of the Booking. The booking is considered confirmed by paying the invoice submitted by the Gallery.

  • If the invoice submitted by the Gallery has not been paid by the Customer on time, the Gallery has the right to cancel the offer.

  • The Gallery notifies the Customer about the booking confirmation by e-mail.

  • The Gallery has the right to cancel the Booking if it turns out that the service cannot be used on the desired date.


  • The offer is paid on the basis of an invoice. To confirm the reservation, the invoice submitted by the Gallery must be paid by the payment deadline indicated on the invoice.


  • The date of cancellation is considered to be the date on which the Gallery has received the customer’s notice of cancellation.

  • If the Booking, for which the full amount has been paid, is canceled after the payment deadline and more than 48 hours before the event start time that is indicated in the Booking, 50% of the total amount will be refunded.

  • If the Booking, for which the full amount has been paid, is canceled less than 48 hours before the event start time that is indicated in the Booking, the cost of the service will not be refunded.

  • If the Reservation has been paid for, but the Customer wishes to change the time of the event, it will be considered as a cancellation of the Booking and making a new Booking.

  • The time of the booked event can be changed up to 7 days before the event and is subject to the availability in the Gallery’s schedule.

  • If the Booking time is changed less than 7 days before the event start and more than 48 hours before the event start time that is indicated in the Booking, the Gallery will refund 50% of the amount paid or the fee will be considered to cover the new Booking.

  • If the Gallery cancels the Booking due to the fact that the service cannot be used on the desired date, the Gallery will refund the paid booking fee to the Customer in full.


  • In canceling a catering order, the cancellation terms of the respective catering company will apply.

  • The Gallery will only accept customer changes on the volume and details of the ordered catering services when possible and on the basis of a prior agreement.


  • The minimum number of booking hours is 3 hours. Every additional hour according to the additional hour rates.

  • Prices include set up time 45min and pack down time 45min (before and after the event).

  • The preparation time is for delivery and set up of event equipment, food and drinks. Delivery of items before the start of the set up time only takes place based on previous agreement with the Gallery and when suitable.

  • For events that require longer set up time for equipment / catering etc., an additional hourly set up / pack down fee will be added.

  • Additional hour rates are calculated by the hour.

  • For events where there is no food and beverage attendant organized by the client (from the catering), additional food/beverage attendant fee of 7 EUR/hour will be added.

  • The Gallery organizes the food and beverage attendant and their number based on a prior agreement. The food and beverage fee is calculated according to the number of people – 1 attendant per 20 guests. For example, for 40-50 guests 2 attendants, but we also recommend 2 attendants per 30 guests.


  •  The personal data collected for the processing of the Booking is strictly for internal use.

  • If the Customer has given consent, the Gallery has the right to use the Customer’s contact information to post a newsletter.

  • We confirm that the Customer’s personal data will not be released to third parties for purposes other than the execution of the order.

  • The Customer’s financial data is not stored on the Gallery’s servers.


  • Price includes a 45 min set up/pack down time before and after the event.

  • Should the event take more time for set up /pack down, the Gallery will issue an invoice to the Customer based on the additional hour rates.


  •  Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors.

  • Pets are allowed under the strict responsibility of the pet owner and the animal must not move around freely.


  • The Gallery is not responsible for the personal belongings and assets of the Customer and their group.

  • The Customer (the person responsible for renting the venue or tickets) is fully responsible for the activities of the group they represent, incl. undertakes to compensate in full the property damage caused to the Gallery.


  • Possible complaints about the services provided by the Gallery must be submitted in writing within 3 calendar days after the Event. Subsequent claims of the customer will not be considered.