Print ‘Playing is working for children’

18.00 Koos KM-ga


This is a limited edition (1 from 100) print of original work from Lucky Laika artist Olivia Lipartia. The picture “Playing is working for children” is inspired by the same proverb and is one of our “Proverbs” series pictures.

The picture is printed on a quality paper with original inks which ensures a long fade resistance. Still, we suggest using UV-protection glass to keep the art safe.

Every picture is titled and signed by the artist.

Limiteeritud (üks sajast) print Lucky Laika kunstniku Olivia Lipartia originaaltööst. Pilt “Mäng on väikese inimese töö” on inspireeritud samast vanasõnast ning kuulub meie sarja “Vanasõnad”.

Pilt on trükitud kvaliteetsele paberile kvaliteetsete värvidega, mis tagab pika tuhmumiskindluse. Siiski soovitame kasutada UV-kindlat klaasi, mis tagab kunstiteose välimuse säilimist.
Iga pilt on autori poolt käsitsi signeeritud.



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Dimensions 30 × 21 cm


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