We offer an opportunity for emerging and established artists to sell their work at the gallery!

Get in touch with us via info@staapliart.ee and send us your artist cv and some images of artwork you would like to sell!

Gallery offers

  • Distinguished exhibiting space. The artwork will be displayed in a spacious and light-filled room with professional lighting.
  • Staapli 3 Art Gallery expands the number of visitors and potential art buyers – we organise various exhibition and cultural projects.
  • Consultation on the opportunities of selling artwork at the gallery (how to better display your work, e.g framing, installing, and on producing and developing marketing products).
  • Staapli 3 Art Gallery can consult the artist on writing about their art practice (and how to write about your artwork in the context of you art practice).
  • Staapli 3 Art Gallery is in cooperation with Järsi framing, Staapli 3 can advise you on framing your artwork.


  • An agreement will be signed with the artist that will detail the rights and obligations of both parties.
  • When necessary, we advise the artist on determining price of artwork
  • All works are required to be signed and formalized for sale and installation (presentable and with installation hooks)

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