NATALJA TUNCAY “There is a Secret in Every Woman”

NATALJA TUNCAY “There is a Secret in Every Woman”

From 7 April 2022, Natalja Tuncay solo exhibition “There is a Secret in Every Woman” opens at Staapli 3 Art Gallery, which explores the diversity of female imagery and presents various perspectives on it.

The exhibition “There is a Secret in Every Woman” gives the artist an opportunity to share her thoughts with the viewer and exhibit work that tell various stories about serious, fun, thoughtful, romantic, intriguing and many other women. There is something that unites all of them – every such woman has a secret. The secret of their beauty, femininity and charm.

The artist finds that the idea of feminine beauty is an unshakable understanding that has followed us through millennia and has not lost its meaning at all, but instead has acquired even more forms, varieties and unique features. Each representative of the fair sex is a hero, a leader, a dual personification of the divine principle, a source of wisdom and the  creator of her own meaning of life. The feminine duality is a living mythology that is physically felt and that can be empathized with.  Each painting is a separate conversation and displays emotionality, spirituality, romance and modesty of feminine beauty.

Natalja Tuncay is an Estonian painter. Being an artist is the tradition of Natalja’s family and she received the basic knowledge of painting from her grandfather, who was a seascape artist and who has influenced her the most. Natalja’s creative path has taken her to Tallinn, Helsinki, Istanbul and St. Petersburg, where the artist was attracted by the beauty of the cultural and historical cities. 
The painting world of Natalja Tuncay is surprisingly diverse and kind. The artist’s paintings and brushes are equally successful in different genres of painting, from urban landscape to still life and portraits. Her works are in private collections in Estonia, Europe and US.

Exhibition period 7.04.-1.05.2022

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