10/07/2020 MARIA SIDLJAREVITŠ             E N T E R  T H E  V O I D


On Wednesday, 15 July at 5.30pm, Maria Sidljarevitš’s solo exhibition “Enter the Void” opens at Staapli 3 gallery.

“Enter the Void” exhibits Maria Sidljarevitš’s most recent artwork, which examines the ambiguity and unattainability of narratives and is inspired by the Japanese culture. 

The oil paintings and ink drawings displayed at the exhibition are based on found vintage images that have been painted over, collaged or digitally manipulated. Maria’s artwork lies between the realms of reality and paranoia, metaphor and possibility. In her art practice she examines the distance between meaning and interpretation and how such a distance eliminates all definitions.

I have created these paintings intuitively. They are based on the images of japanese women that I found in the internet and that spoke to me. For me, the Japanese culture is fascinating, mysterious and genuine, and its traditions have been carefully taken care of throughout centuries. The faces of these girls carry an inexplicable depth and force of nature. As if they reflect  the infinity of time that is set in its immobility.”

Maria Sidljarevitš received her master’s degree in painting from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2014. The same year she had her solo exhibition “You Broke My Life” at Tallinn City Gallery, which was also part of her master’s degree thesis. The exhibition examined the topic of memory through recreating images from the past in her naive-expressionist painting style. Maria Sidljarevitš has participated in exhibitions since 2008, she is a member of the Estonian Artists Association and was chairman of the board of the Estonian Painters Association from 2015-2017.

Maria Sidljarevitš’s artist talk

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