Mall Nukke’s solo exhibition “Water&Stone. Mall Nukke paintings 2016 – 2019″

Mall Nukke’s solo exhibition “Water&Stone. Mall Nukke paintings 2016 – 2019″

On 10 July 2019 at 6.30 pm Mall Nukke’s solo exhibition “Water&Stone. Mall Nukke paintings 2016 – 2019” opens at Staapli 3 Art Gallery.

“The sea and the earth have always been the opposite materials and the moments where these two meet are both inspirational and exciting. The reflections that turn the solid and tangible into something that is playful and hardly noticeable have urged me to grab a brush and to keep “working” on these ephemeral images for days. On my paintings, water is the greatest creator and I just try to keep up with it. With my earthly painting equipment. These paintings have “captured” reflections from Venice, Riga, Hamburg and Hvar (Croatia). The same sea that washes the shores of Estonia makes these views enchantingly abstract and picturesque. The exhibition “Water & Stone” was first displayed at Ruhnu Cultural Centre in summer 2018.”
Mall Nukke

Mall Nukke’s creative practice started with pencils and pastels. Her early drawings were largely figurative compositions, luxuriously colourful in their bright, lively and sparkling colour spectrum and powerfully designed. Since 2016, Mall Nukke has started painting more and more with oil, and at the exhibition in Staapli 3 gallery you can see work that she has created in that media over the past four years.

Mall has a graphic arts degree from the Estonian Art Academy and her works are in the collections of KUMU, Tartu Art Museum, OÜ Sadolin Art Collection (Estonia), Rauma Museum (Finland), Viinistu Art Museum (Estonia), Vexi Salmi Collection (Finland), Nef Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine), George Soros’ art collection (USA); Margus Punab’s art collection (Estonia), Rain Tamme’s art collection (Estonia), Reigo Kuivjõe’s art collection (Estonia), Sven Pertens’ art collection (Estonia) and Armin Kõomäe’s art collection (Estonia).

Exhibition opening: 10.07.2019 at 6.30pm
Exhibition is open until 10.08.2019

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