30/11/2021 KRISTIINA JAKIMENKO “Colour and Form. Nerve and Norm”

KRISTIINA JAKIMENKO “Colour and Form. Nerve and Norm”

Colour and form. Nerve and norm.

Colour as tone
Colour as paint that comes from the tube

Form as the spatial shape
Form as the template
Form as the uniform

Nerve as nerve cell
Nerve as being nervous

Norm as regulation
Norm as slang word for “normal”

“Time consists of moments. How to gather these fragments and tie them together? How to store and preserve? These here are my moments, but not all of them. Some of them. Joyful, sad, hopeful, passionate…and together they make magic! A world of colour where 1+1 does not equal 2, but is something completely new and wonderful! When is it colour and when does it become form? When is it nerves and when does it become norm? And what sort of nerve? Sensitive in detail or over the top – stress? But then does form get its colour and norm its nerve?”

The topic of Kristiina’s artwork is in one way or another exploring human emotions and sufferings. Her work often expresses also her own personal experiences, feelings and perceptions. The artist uses a strong colour palette intentionally to symbolise the intensity of her own experiences. The colours are a combination of subconscious and conscious choices, and convey various senses and feelings.

Kristiina Jakimenko has exhibited her artwork in solo and group exhibitions all over Estonia. She has graduated from painting at the Estonian Academy of Art and holds a degree in art teaching from Tallinn University.


Kristiina Jakimenko

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