On 12 August 2021 at 5.30pm, Kristi Kangilaski’s solo exhibition “Pink Lama” opens at Staapli 3 Art Gallery.

Illustrations displayed at “Pink Lama” exhibition are painted on days of rest and mostly depict people at their moments of idleness. The exhibition title in essence alludes both to what is depicted on the artwork and to the artist’s own creative process.

“When all worklife has concentrated onto a screen then you desperatly need to find something to balance it out with. Do some “real” acitivity. Some people are tapping away in the shed, some stick their fingers into the soil and some pick up painting. They paint just because. Just so they can pick up the paint with the brush and put it onto a canvas. They paint from being inspired by some joyous moment or they paint some composition that brings them joy, but that in real life do not happen. Not really thinking about anything. They look at the paint because it’s wonderful. Or think that you should do the things in life that bring you joy. And try not to worry too much.” (Kristi Kangilaski).

Kristi Kangilaski’s captivating exhibition work depicts everyday situations, stylized and portrayed in her favourite colour palate.

Kristi Kangilaski has graduated from graphic arts at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2013 and mostly works as an illustrator and book designer. In addition to illustration and design, she teaches at Viljandi Art School and from 2020, she is the city artist at Viljandi town government. Kristi has participated in exhibitions in Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Slovakkia, Finland, Hungary, Belarus, Russia and UK. Kristi Kangilaski is a member of Estonian Graphic Designers Association.

Exhibition opening 25.08.2021 at 5.30-8pm
Exhibition period 25.08.2021-26.09.2021



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