14/09/2020 KATRINA KOLK “Spec-tacle / Vaate-mäng”

KATRINA KOLK “Spec-tacle / Vaate-mäng”

On 16 September 2020 at 5.30pm, Katrina Kolk’s solo exhibition “Spec-tacle/ Vaate-mäng” opens at Staapli 3 Art Gallery.

“Spec-tacle/ Vaate-mäng” is a playful collection of the artist’s visual thoughts, hybrid symbols and models that derive from the overabundance of information and from the abstract thoughts and feelings caused by it.

“Many of my paintings are based on my personal experience that I then try to place in a hybrid context of information through play. Often it is the game itself that aids in working and finding out the truth or reality within the confusion, or in coping with the emergence of confusion. Often it is scary to think about how much fear new information can cause. In the new pandemic world, it is the play itself that helps view also other aspects of the information confusion and find optimism amidst the fear. It is almost like a fairy tale or show, another reality, where freedom gains its colour and style with the help of playfulness. And thus, the entire being becomes a “spec(-)tacle”.”

Katrina Kolk is a versatile painter, who through an expressive-intuitive approach and the use of various media creates abstract and figurative artwork. Katrina’s intuitive practice is personal, inquisitive and conceptual, and her painting language can be viewed as an artist’s conversation with her own artwork.

Katrina has graduated from the department of painting and restauration at Pallas University of Applied Sciences and holds a master’s degree in fine art from the Estonian Academy of Arts. She has studied in University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain, University of Porto in Portugal and participated in many projects abroad as a street artists.

Opening on 16.09.2020 at 5.30-8pm
Exhibition is open until 18.10.2020

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