All dancers, singers and all those in between, who want to participate in Tallinn Fringe Festival this year, we’ve got some great news for you – you can perform in our gallery! If you are interested in performing here, then please feel free to contact us directly via info@staapliart.ee!

More information about the festival and some insight to gallery set up see in the post below↓


We have hosted various events – birthdays, workshops, company launch parties, jazz music events, live drawing events and lent the space for various tv and film production companies. To cater for an event, we are happy to rearrange furniture and gallery set up to suit the need of the event. For performances, we have used our gallery counter to set up a stage for a model, DJ, speaker/presenter or indeed a food buffet. Outside area in front of gallery and art cafe doors can be used for performances with prior agreement. The gallery has 2 entrances, 2 toilets and upstairs storage/office area can be used  as backstage changing etc area. The entire gallery can host 75 guests in case of standing and seated event. Please note that when hosting events, government restrictions for Covid-19 prevention may apply.
Available equipment
Projector and presentation screen
Media player
Portable speaker (for performance events it is best to rent speaker/microphones etc)
Gallery lights are dimmable and rotate (we can light or dim an area).
The Space
Staapli 3 Art Gallery has a spacious 240 square metre, light-filled and colourful room with an Art Cafe in the centre. The gallery has 9 big floor-to-ceiling windows that create a spacious and light-flooded environment. In front of the windows we have specially designed cosy seating areas, where visitors can relax and enjoy the artwork. Staapli 3 Art Gallery and Art Cafe colourful walls are decorated by artwork and temporary exhibitions. Our gallery extends its hospitality to various art and cultural projects – we organise temporary exhibitions as well as art, music and culture evenings. Most likely your guests will also be able to enjoy some of our temporary exhibitions! We have an amazing location in Noblessner, inspiring environment and cozy atmosphere – just what you need to create memorable moments at your event!

Staapli 3 Art Gallery and Art Cafe has an architecturally open design that we divide into two areas – Red and Olive.
Red area
Is suitable for smaller events, such as birthdays or family occasions, trainings, workshops, group discussion meet-ups and smaller presentation events. The capacity of the area is up to 25 people.
It is possible to set up the area in meeting, small theatre or discussion group format style.
Olive area
Is suitable for bigger events, such as company launching events or birthdays. The capacity of the area is up to 50 people (Capacity depends on the format of the event, standing or seated). It is possible to set up the area in U-shape, free form mid-size theatre and presentation format style; it is ideal for cocktail parties and networking events.

For further information/ images/ video
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/staapli3artgallery/ 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/staapli3artgallery 
Webside www.staapliart.ee