Gift Gard Terms of Use

    • You need to have your gift card with you to pay for the products and services.
    • Gift card purchased from our e-shop should be presented on a smartphone screen or printed on white paper.
    • The gift card is valid as a means of payment in the amount stated on the gift card and can be used for purchasing products and services provided in Staapli 3 Art Gallery (includes the cafe and the e-shop).
    • Gift card that is purchased from our e-shop has a unique QRcode on the card and is meant for single use only.
    • Gift cards can not be exchanged for cash or repayments.
    • If the purchasing price is lower than the nominal value of a card, the remaining sum will not be refunded. If the product value exceeds the gift card’s value, the remaining amount can be paid via card or by cash.
    • Lost gift cards are not replaced by a new card.
    • The validity period of a gift card is 12 months from time of purchase. It is not possible to use expired cards for payments and these cards will be annulled.
    • The validity period of a gift card has been marked on the front side of the card. Gift cards can be used to purchase the products and services provided at Staapli 3 Art Gallery during the validity period.
    • Copying the gift card in any form is prohibited