“Changing Times” displays Matti Pärk’s older and more recent artwork and is his first solo exhibition at Staapli 3 Art Gallery. As the title suggests, the exhibition concept is time and change, but it also contemplates on locales of people. In the light of current affairs, the political subtext of the artwork is inspired from […]

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04/12/2020 EXTENDED!                          TIME. HORIZON.HUMAN


Thursday, 10 December 2020, Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens group exhibition “Time.Horizon.Human”. “Time.Horizon.Human” brings together three Estonian artists’ works under three different, but timeless topics. Jelena Galkina’s, Takinada’s and Santa Zukker’s artwork interpret the concepts of time, horizon and human separately as well as through one another and create a colourful and exciting kaleidoscope of […]

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13/10/2020 SERGEI INKATOV “Helios”


On Thursday, 15 October 2020 at 5.30pm, Sergei Inkatov’s solo exhibition”Helios” opens at Staapli 3 Art Gallery. Sergei Inkatov’s solo exhibition “Helios” invites you to the world of abstract painting and gives a unique insight of a world order that is full of feelings, colour and energy of life. The main direction of Sergei’s art […]

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14/09/2020 KATRINA KOLK “Spec-tacle / Vaate-mäng”

KATRINA KOLK “Spec-tacle / Vaate-mäng”

On 16 September 2020 at 5.30pm, Katrina Kolk’s solo exhibition “Spec-tacle/ Vaate-mäng” opens at Staapli 3 Art Gallery. “Spec-tacle/ Vaate-mäng” is a playful collection of the artist’s visual thoughts, hybrid symbols and models that derive from the overabundance of information and from the abstract thoughts and feelings caused by it. “Many of my paintings are […]

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24/08/2020 HENRIK HÜRDEN  “The Story of One Sprat”

HENRIK HÜRDEN “The Story of One Sprat”

On 26 August 2020 at 6pm, Henrik Hürden solo exhibition “The Story of One Sprat” opens at Staapli 3 Art Gallery. The exhibition “The Story of One Sprat” displays eight black-and-white acrylic paintings that depict a photorealistic sprat in different situations and dream states. “About 6 months ago, I was having breakfast with my parents […]

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10/07/2020 MARIA SIDLJAREVITŠ             E N T E R  T H E  V O I D


On Wednesday, 15 July at 5.30pm, Maria Sidljarevitš’s solo exhibition “Enter the Void” opens at Staapli 3 gallery. “Enter the Void” exhibits Maria Sidljarevitš’s most recent artwork, which examines the ambiguity and unattainability of narratives and is inspired by the Japanese culture.  The oil paintings and ink drawings displayed at the exhibition are based on found vintage […]

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28/05/2020 Tiiu Lausmaa “Tenuous Narratives”

Tiiu Lausmaa “Tenuous Narratives”

“Tenuous Narratives” exhibits Tiiu Lausmaa’s most recent artwork, which examines the connections between narrative thinking and images. The drawings exhibited at the exhibition interpret media images that in an era of post-truth where information is mostly spreads in fragments and that may be overthrown at the next moment. The viewer is left with loosely related […]

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01/12/2019 The Pictures that Walked by Themselves

The Pictures that Walked by Themselves

Animation movie exhibition “The Pictures That Walked by Themselves” As part of the end of year celebrations at Staapli 3 Art Gallery you can find local animation movies! From 1 December until the New Year, you can enjoy fresh animation movies from five young animators: Teresa Baroet, Auden Lincoln-Vogel, Noam Sussman, Red, Hung Huei Jen […]

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28/11/2019 Noblessner Jazzmaz Party on 12 December

Noblessner Jazzmaz Party on 12 December

Christmas snacks, hot drinks and joyful imagery fill our cozy Staapli 3 gallery for one evening in celebration for this year’s Noblessner holiday season!
Once again we are thrilled to give ourselves over to the sounds of jazz! Returning to excite the audience with their colourful beats and snazzy tunes are drummer Brian Melvin’s, guitarist Mart Soo, and for this adventure joined by Rain Juurikas on keybords. Together they are the band Shoshin!
Come join us (Staapli 3 Gallery and Errier) for a joyful evening at Noblessner and let’s wish one another a peaceful holiday season and a colourful New Year full of art and adventure!

Music at 18.00 – 21.00
Entrance Free (We are delighted if you support us by making a purchase from our cafe or gallery)
More information:

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