Kim Curson

“Art for me comes from the soul and is about the simplicity of life. I believe it is often the small things that bring the greatest pleasure and not the so called ‘big things’ and I try to convey this in the images I paint. Being a Mother has put me back in touch with the child in me and much of the childlike innocence and naivety in my paintings stem from this. Painting is about doing something I love and a way of expressing my inner feelings and creativity”.
Kim has a passion for the outdoors, or ‘earth and sky’ as she likes to call it, and she aims to capture a sense of this in her paintings. It could be a certain light or look in the sky or sea, or a simple feature on a landscape. She then works with colours combining them until they achieve a harmony. Kim confesses to being in love with the colour blue and likes to experiment with creating as many different shades and tones and depths as possible. Also a fan of pinks and reds, she likes to include these colours in subtle ways and also often primes her painting surface with one of these shades to give warmth to her images.
Kim’s images of starry nights and cosy cottages are inspired by some of the children’s stories she has read to her small son. She loves the innocence in the stories and also the cosy feeling of being wrapped up together while reading the stories. These feelings are depicted through the tiny cottages with their warm fires burning inside and in the stars in the night skies over head, where we go to dream in our imaginations and which are full of future potential.
“I hope you will enjoy the return to a sense of innocence…..”

Rozanne Bell

Rozanne Bell is the epitome of fun. She is a flamboyant gregarious character with a unique creative imagination that knows no bounds. Rozanne has a sunny disposition, full of originality and wit. She is an exciting and entertaining person; full of energy and vibrancy and her art mirrors all these qualities. Rozanne has five children and her artwork is embroidered into the heart of her family life. Rozanne Bell was born in Zimbabwe and she lived there for 40 years. She exhibited all over southern Africa and, through tourism, an American market for her work evolved. From Guernsey to Ghana her paintings hang in many banks and boardrooms all over the world. In 2002, the situation in Zimbabwe necessitated Rozanne’s move to England. Rozanne’s ability to adapt to a new environment coupled with her optimistic determination to succeed had brought a breath of fresh air to the British art market. The subjects of Rozanne Bell’s paintings are novel; new and full of vitality. The influence of her African upbringing combined with the injection of British humour has ensured that Rozanne’s paintings are much in demand.

Eliza Jane Speight

Sottish born artist Eliza Jane left her borders home for England attending art school in the early 90’s. After graduating the travel bug took over, with Eliza financing her travels throughout Europe by selling her art. Coming from a family of forestry workers, her father and grandfather both foresters, she always had a fascination for trees, their shape, colours and the mythology of the woodland landscapes in particular. As a child she could often be found sketching amongst the trees, something she still enjoys today. Now established back in the UK, Eliza Jane has settled her roots firmly in a small town within the New Forest, where she lives with her family.

Ocean Publishing prints

We started selling prints to galleries, gift shops, etc more than fifteen years ago with the aim of providing stylish contemporary artwork from our growing hand picked collection of talented artists. We have always been passionate about providing high-end gallery quality without the high price tag and we work very hard to make sure we deliver this to our valued customers.

Simon Clarke

As a self taught artist, Simon threw himself into experimenting with different painting methods and mediums, from painting portraits in chalk to abstract and surreal landscapes in oil, although, after a time he found acrylic paint suited him best and his style developed from there.

Introducing characters and humour to his work a few years ago sent him on a new direction, “paintings that make you smile” was a comment often given to me and I knew that this path was the right one for me.

He likes to fill paintings with as much humour as he can and you’ll find something hidden away in a corner, which stems from the art he enjoys, paintings that keep your interest.

Judi Trevorrow

As long as I can remember I’ve had a compulsive desire to draw and paint. From being encouraged and inspired by my Dad at an early age to developing through university and post graduate studies, I still feel passionate and driven to explore the next ‘wow’ factor that is just around the corner.

Living in Cornwall, I am constantly inspired by the dramatic light, the surf and sand, the gardens and the myriad of tiny harbours and inlets. I have painted until frozen on beaches trying to capture that perfect seascape, I’ve sketched boats and buildings until my hands were numb and I’ve been on my knees in a forest glade of rain glistened bluebells waiting for that shaft of sunlight to burst through the leaves. Hopefully you can see this enduring passion reflected strongly in my work!

Lamorna Penrose

Lamorna Penrose grew up in an artists environment in rural Cornwall where from a very early age she had an instinctive need to draw and paint. 

In 1993 she spent a year at Falmouth College of Art where she studied on the foundation course and specialised in fashion and textiles, followed by three years studying for her degree in theatre and costume design at Wimbledon School of Art. In that time Lamorna worked with international television and theatre companies designing costumes and sets.

Lamorna returned to Cornwall where she found the landscape and pace of life had such a considerable impact on her work she decided to aim towards devoting all her working energies to painting. 

Art Marketing prints

Founded in 1980, Art Marketing is considered to be one of the market leaders in the home furnishing industry.

We focus on creativity, innovation and fantastic customer service and continually strive to be the great British design company that customers can trust.

Art Marketing has four very well established and popular brands.  ART@artmarketing encompasses our pictures and wall art, Thomas Kent is destination for our successful clocks collection, ARTBEAT contains an extensive range of greeting cards and Almond Street is the home of our photo frames.

Originally a family run company based in Hertfordshire, we were shaped by the artistic talents of our founding members and their influence lives on in our artists and design team today.  Our artwork is created by our exclusive team of talented in-house and freelance artists based on the Isle of Wight.  Graphic Designers and product developers based in Hertfordshire form the back bone of Thomas Kent, ARTBEAT and Almond Street collections.  It is this combined approach to design is the driving force behind Art Marketing’s enviable position in the market.

Our enthusiasm and dedication sets us apart and ensures that Art Marketing retains a strong and proud sense of its own identity through product design, quality, service and of course innovation.

Sabrina Roscino

Born in 1980 on the Isle of Wight, Sabrina now lives in Cowes, the home of the famous Regatta. She confesses to spending many hours relaxing and sketching her ideas for new artwork on the Marine Esplanade.

Following a recent holiday to Devon she was inspired to create a series of naïve seascapes that reflected the character of the place. Colour was her main focus, rows of cottages squeezed onto banks of green foliage, all set along the water’s edge.

She has recently started working with charcoal, both for preliminary sketching and while painting. She wanted the elephant paintings to remind her of old photographs which have been tucked away for years. To achieve this effect she combined acrylic paint, acrylic inks, pastel and charcoal. She has also been working with soft pastels this year, using the medium on top of acrylic paint. This not only achieves some amazing colours, but also creates interesting textures.

Sabrina based her New York paintings on a holiday to New York a few years ago. She says, “It is a place which, once visited, you’ll never forget.” Having grown up on a small island she wasn’t prepared for the general scale of everything, not to mention the food that New York has to offer. Immersing herself in all the hustle ‘n’ bustle of the city she found incredibly stimulating.

Adelene Fletcher

Adelene completed her training at the Manchester College of Art during the 1950s and went on to work in a textile design studio before progressing to become a Design Consultant. This background explains Adelene’s impeccable sense of composition and colour which is evident throughout her work.

Adelene is a highly versatile artist, skilled in a variety of techniques and subject matter. Flowers are a particular favourite of hers, originating from living on a secluded country lane in Surrey as a young girl. “I loved the abundance of wild flowers surrounding my home.” Nowadays she prefers to paint large brightly coloured flowers like poppies and sunflowers inspired by her colour coordinated garden.

Holidays abroad are another great source of inspiration to Adelene where she often has a camera or sketchbook in hand, capturing the essence of the landscapes around her. A trip to the Dordogne has been influential in her most recent pieces.

She has received much acclaim in galleries throughout the country and exhibited at the prestigious Royal Institute of Painters, The Watercolour Society and The Society of Botanical Artists where she has been appointed a member. She has been, not surprisingly, awarded numerous prizes over the years.

Angie Thomas

Angie Thomas grew up at the centre of the yachting community, on the river Hamble, within a big family of sailors, shipwrights and artists. Originally trained in catering, Angie possesses an artistic flare as both chef and painter. Moving to the Isle of Wight with her young family in the ‘70s, Angie takes her inspiration from her love of nature, the Island, it`s people and animals.

As a self-taught artist, her work has become widely collected over the years. Angie’s love of the wild garden she and her husband have built and grown in the picturesque village of Brading, overlooking the sea, can be seen in her successful range of bold, floral designs.

She is particularly interested in the essence of her subjects, which she captures with her wicked sense of humour, portraying people, animals and flowers with both warmth and familiarity that we all recognize and love. ”I`ve always loved the quirkiness in the nature of people and animals, and try to share this in my work. This is the first time in my life I`ve been without pets in my house and miss them very much, I now find myself painting them more often, perhaps because of this.”

Anthony Waller

Anthony is fascinated by nature and the landscape. He has had this interest since childhood and although he has had little formal training in art, his understanding and love of the countryside shines through in his work. He is able to capture atmosphere and the charm of light filtering through trees, the sparkle on the water and almost the fresh smell of an early morning by a river.

After leaving school he went on to join the R.A.F where he gained a commission as a fighter pilot and flew the early jet aircraft of the 1950s. In 1976 Anthony decided to make painting his full time profession and retired from his business life in sales and marketing. His time is now spent painting, fly fishing, growing vegetables and playing golf or else he is in his workshop making furniture.

Until fairly recently he was best known for his atmospheric watercolours which have been exhibited in many galleries throughout the country including the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour. More recently though, he has been painting in oils and acrylics and is enjoying the different technique of working with thick buttery paint on canvas.

James Lord

James Lord was born on the Isle of Wight and grew up in Yarmouth where much off his childhood was spent sailing on the River Yar and swimming off Sandhard Beach. After gaining an BA Hons degree at London College of Printing he worked as a graphic designer in London for over 10 years. James returned to live on the Island in 2002 and renovated a 17th Century farmhouse near Gatcombe where his studio is sited in a converted barn.

Ulyana Hammond

Recently Ulyana went back to see her family in St Peterburg and it brought all her childhood memories flooding back. She loved showing her husband and young son where she grew up along with all the beautiful places which have had an influence on her work. “In one of the museums we went to in St.Peterburg I saw amazing pieces of antique pottery which inspired me to do the vintage pots collection.”

While studying traditional art and culture at University, Ulyana spent many hours sketching and perfecting the art of sculpture, discovering this rewarding outlet for her passion of painting contrasting shapes and colours.

In 2003 Ulyana moved to the Isle of Wight where she has happily settled and married and pursues a career as an artist expressing her life experiences onto canvas.