17/03/2022 ALIIS SINISALU “Beauty in Pain”

ALIIS SINISALU “Beauty in Pain”

On Thursday, 24 March at 5.30pm, Aliis Sinisalu photo exhibition “Beauty in Pain” opens at Staapli 3 Art Gallery, which explores anxiety, pain and melancholy through beautiful and soft visuals that are full of fantasy and surrealism.

The exhibited photographs depict different female muses. The photographer thinks women are like ideal canvases onto which you can shape fantasies with various connotations. Even though standardised imagery might depict women as fragile, beautiful and proper, the photographer attempts to show a more true nature of what it’s like to be human with the help of feminine imagery.

In 2020, the “spring of corona” brought about the project “Wonderland”, where beauty and pain collided almost like force majeure. The series “Wonderland” helped the photographer face her own feelings during that chaotic time, accept them and bring them to life through art. Aliis has now developed this topic further, and although the references to the “spring of corona” or other actual events remain a hidden subtext, the viewer can discover the pieces on the photographs and bind them together with their surroundings.

The exhibition work reflect an understanding that Aliis came to through personal experience – it’s human to have different feelings and to find beauty in all of them. Aliis recognises that it’s important to amplify the positive, experience and let go the negative, but in both cases have a friendly existence with both of them.

Aliis has been working with photography since 2015 when she decided to purchase her first SLR camera. Capturing nature led the photographer to fantasy and the “bushes” were replaced with various female muses. Aliis Sinisalu calls herself the explorer and creator of beauty, who creates surreal and unique worlds with the help of the camera and Photoshop.

Exhibition opening 24.03.2022 at 5.30-8pm
Exhibition period 24.03.2022-24.04.2022

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