At Staapli 3 Art Gallery you can have a creative workshop with you friends or colleagues


We host various art workshos for children (comic book, origami, painting, stencil workshop and many more) that are open for all who are interested!


 We’ll help you choose a topic for the creative team workshop that meets the character and direction of your company! We recommend choosing a topic that speaks to all participants and allows everyone to dream and express their imagination. For example, each participant can express their imagination of  their future and of their company’s/team’s values and objectives. The final choice of topic will be up to the client!


Your choice of topic/content
Materials: canvas/acrylic paper/brushes
Duration: 2.5h
Outcome: big collaborative painting (on canvas or acrylic paper). The size of the painting depends on the number of participants and the wish of the client.

The workshop begins with short tips on painting and everyone can practice and test them individually. Then, the participants will collaborate on making a painting on a large canvas with the instructor helping you with composition, colour and cohesion.


Your choice of topic/content
Materials: paper/pen/pencils/markers etc
Outcome: big collaborative comic drawing/story on paper.

The workshop beings with short individual sketch assignments where each particiant can work on the comics storyline they wish to add to the final work. We will discuss everyone’s stories and the instructor will give you tips on what would be the best ways to draw everyone’s story and combine them into one cohesive and finished work

The workshops have no creative boundaries – you can create shapes, symbols, write texts or just add colour compositions. It would be fantastic if every participant gets a chance to think about what kind of story (according to the topic) or painting (abstract, shapes, text etc) they wish to make on the collaborative work (then there wouldn’t be too much time spent on brainstorming).

Some aspects to think about:
What is the end result you wish to have? Is it a memorable and permanent work for your team or just the joy of creating something together? What would be the size of the collaborative work you wish to create? Do you have preferences in materials (markers, pencils, acrylics etc)? Would you like to hang the work at the office and are there any restrictions with that (in material, canvas or paper, would you have it framed)?

Get in touch via e-mail and describe the workshop or event you would like to organise for your friends or team!